Flexi Desk, Daily Desk Space Hire

Flexible daily, weekly or monthly desk space hire

We have a number of desk spaces that you can hire on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This service is aimed at business owners who:

  • Want to reduce overheads as not utilising  a permanent office.
  • Are self employed but want the flexibility of occasionally working in a professional office/business environment.
  • Have a number of business meetings in the area and need a base for day/couple of days.
  • Work in an organisation that provides a ‘hot desking’ facility.

Only £15 (inclusive of Vat) a day you get the added benefit of free wi-fi and car parking

Our desks are in modern offices of no more than 5 desks per office thus giving the user the feeling of being in a small professional office environment.

Having the option to lounge in one of our coffee areas or dine in our restaurant, our aim is to ensure that your workday is as pleasant as we can make it with our friendly staff being on hand to deal with any questions that you may have.

You can book your desk online today by:

1.  CHECKING AVAILABILITY on the booking form (right).

2. Select the day you require and click BOOK

3. Go to checkout and PAY

One you have paid you will be sent an email confirmation, giving you peace of mind that your desk space has been secured.

Please check out our special Hot Desking Menu.